I don’t have what it takes (Poem/ Thoughts)


I don’t have what is takes.

My thoughts crush me.

My work isn’t any different yet others are recognised and I am not.

Is it just me?

Maybe I don’t know the right people?

Maybe my vision is different from others?

Maybe It just isn’t my time to shine like in that montage of the future.

The anticipation of showing someone work and getting in return a look of meh.

Oh, okay, maybe is isn’t that good… but I like it, its me, you see.

Am I working hard enough to deserve is, possibly not, but I’m trying, honest.

Fuck what others think!

We shape our own reality. My world is subjective.

I think have what is takes.

I just to work a little harder, a little longer, pursue what ever interests me.

I will be recognised, I will stand out from the rest, I was never meant to be another face in the crowd.

This is selfish but I need to do it. I have tried to be humble for so long thinking something great will come along but no luck.

I am an artist but I cannot draw. I explore.

I will shine. I will contribute to the world before I leave.

I have what it takes.